Wicker craft for sale in 2020

August 25, 2020 | 10:20 am

What is wicker craft?

Wicker craft is one of the original Iranian handicrafts that has been popular in Iran since ancient times. Today, this industry and art are popular in Iran and the production and sale of wicker craft is done by various companies. Wicker products are sold at a reasonable price by sorousha company. Decorative goods sales centers, art galleries, and handicraft shops are among the centers that sell wicker craft at the most reasonable prices.

Wicker craft is produced using plant fibers in different cities of the country. Every year, a significant amount of these products are purchased by foreign tourists traveling to Iran. These products have a very high-quality level. Wicker craft is one of the traditional industries of Iran and has a long history. In the market, different types of wicker products can be seen, each of which has different prices. The wicker basket is one of the wicker crafts.

Wicker products are always among the goods that have a special customer due to the variety of applications and beautiful appearance. Creating variety in the production of various types of wicker products attracts more people to buy these products. Wicker products are woven using plant fibers (cellulose) with the help of hands and simple hand tools, during which various products are produced. The following types of wicker products can be named:
Wicker products are considered Iranian handicrafts because they are produced by hand, so these products can be exported to other countries. Due to their beauty and practicality, these products are very popular in other countries. Buyers can refer to handicraft stores in different cities of the country to know the wicker craft price and buy wicker products, or by visiting reputable sites and online stores, be informed of the wicker craft price and buy these products at a reasonable price.

There are different types of wicker baskets in the market, each of which is used for different purposes. The sale of wicker baskets in the market is done in various forms, and since these baskets have good sales in the market, manufacturers produce and market various forms of this product. Types of wicker baskets are produced by these manufacturers in different sizes and colors, and each of them has different prices. Sorousha company is one of the best wicker craft suppliers in the country that offers a variety of wicker baskets to buyers at reasonable prices. You can refer to this site to buy different types of wicker craft at a reasonable price.