Honey Almond and Saffron Honey Bee Handmade Natural Bar Soap


Honey Almond and Saffron Honey Bee Handmade Natural Bar Soap


This bright honeycomb bar soap is honey almond and saffron. The ornate saffron shines through the honey glycerin base and a small honey bee decorates the front. The bee is colored with coffee and mica powder. This bar is beautiful and practical. It is infused with moisturizing almond oil and organic local honey. Combined with saffron in a gentle glycerin base this, soap is perfect for sensitive or acne prone skin. A fancy bar for for guest sink or a great gift, this bee is sure to please.
Our soaps are hand crafted in small batches, and poured into molds, to ensure each bar is just right. Many of the ingredients were grown right in our backyard. We hand process the ingredients, and infuse our own herbal oils, to make each recipe of KARROT soap special. We appreciate the simple, natural appearance that nature creates in our soap, so we only incorporate plant base coloring, and textures from natural ingredients, as opposed to harsh dyes. Any rainbow in the picture is only light, a happy accident durring photography.

Dimensions of soap bar:
Approx: 4 in across x 3/4 in thick

We pack each item personally with love and care to ensure safe arrival. Shipping is free!


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