About Us



Owner/ head creator of KARROT studios. We are based in Indianapolis, Indiana and offer unique gifts, artwork, natural beauty products, and vintage collectables. My life long passion for art and constant creating, along with a little encouragement, has finally lead me to produce pieces to sell.


KARROT studios was created to showcase my handmade items and artwork,along with our all natural artisan bath and beauty products, and our unique collection of high end vintage items. Since I was little, art has always been my passion, crafting, drawing, sewing, painting, just making. I like all mediums.

I love nature. I’m obsessed with gardening, herbalism, and being in the woods. But most of all, I love combing the beach! I also enjoy exploring old buildings, cemeteries, and abandoned places. I love old places and the curious history in forgotten things. Wherever my adventures take me, I always seem to come home with pockets full of rocks, or shells, or some shiny findings. These are my inspiration, I almost always incorporate these treasures into my projects.

My creative drive and artistic outlook have molded my successful career as a cosmetologist.

Now, along with my computer savvy, behind the scenes partner, and best friend, Brittney, we started KARROT studios. Using my knowledge of the beauty industry, combined with our love of gardening and skills in herbalism, we create our own handcrafted bath and beauty products.

We absolutely love vintage, and share an eclectic taste for collecting curiosities, findings, and remnants of the past. This shared obsession spawned the vintage collection in KARROT studios, featuring unique, high end, vintage collectables.

We appreciate your visit to KARROT studios. Thank you for your interest, and support of our work. We hope what we put out in the world, makes yours a little brighter!